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What You Can Expect from Us

Incentive Cruise charter with custom logo carved on Watermelon | Landry & Kling Ship Charter Services

AFLAC custom logo carved on watermelon during their incentive cruise program.

We’ve spent 30 years mastering ship charters and group cruises, so you won’t have to. Let us simplify everything and remove the “unknowns”, reduce risk and make it easier for you to shift a traditional land-event to a ship environment.

Think of Landry & Kling as your trusted advocate. And, as a frequent volume-buyer, we have longtime supplier relationships which help us find elegant solutions to any challenge in getting things done.

Exceeding your expectations gives us great joy. It’s the reason we come to work every day!

I have done four programs with Landry & Kling and I feel so much more secure knowing that you are involved. You have so much pull and clout in the industry.

-Independent Meeting Planner

Global Charter Experts Help You Find the Right Ship & Right Price

You can achieve maximum value working with us as an extension of your team, because we’re specialists. Your one-stop-shop for ship charters.

  • Ship Sourcing/Site Selection

    With one call to Landry & Kling, your ship search is underway. When you appoint us to source and negotiate on your behalf, the cruise lines will compensate us separately, so that you don’t have to.

    We will survey the world’s ships and provide impartial ship recommendations to match your needs. The list of ships we’ve chartered is the longest and most diverse in the industry, by far.

  • Ship Charter Negotiations

    You want the best financial terms. We’ll help get you there. You and your attorney will benefit from our unparalleled experience with cruise line contract language, rates and amenities. (We negotiate among several different cruise lines concurrently, because that’s where the biggest savings are).

    The extensive list of cruise lines with whom we’ve chartered  will assure you we don’t channel our business to just one or two cruise lines so we can win top producer awards. Your needs are our priority.

From my previous conference experiences, I know there are just a huge cluster of logistical, registration, and payment issues in any conference. This year I noticed them only by their absence – what a blessing! Of course, if I am not seeing them, it is because you have worked so hard.”

— Executive Director of Association

Additional Optional Services

SeaDream Yacht charter -champagne and caviar served in the surf

Champagne and caviar served in the surf during a SeaDream Yacht charter for sales incentive winners.

Here are just some of the ways we support our clients ship charter programs. Services and needs vary, based on choice of ship, who’s invited and what their expectations are, the type of event, ports of call and your program objectives.

  • Financial Analysis & Support

    For re-sale programs and complex ship charters, we can create a detailed pricing analysis, help design sponsor opportunities, recommend ways to recover your costs, and more.

  • Pre-Event Planning

    Naturally we can provide the usual travel-related services for your ship charter including air, pre/post hotels, transfers, hospitality desk etc, pre-checking and procuring everything you need. And since each ship is different, we will help you utilize the ship’s facilities to best deliver your program content, whether it’s a conference, a recognition program, music cruise or entertainment extravaganza. We don’t just plan your ship charter event– we document it and execute!

  • Onboard Logistics

    To ensure continuity, we help you to execute your cruise program onsite. Our staff is cruise-savvy, experienced, and able to maneuver in the ship’s environment to get things done. We handle everything behind the scenes so you can be visible upfront, focused on your attendees and VIPs.

  • Cruise Reservations and Online Registration

    Most cruise lines do not manage the reservation process for special interest groups and charters – they expect you to have that capability. We can provide you with the most sophisticated, purpose-built online registration system for this purpose. It handles credit card processing, financial reports, manifests and – with its robust CRM — you can even track key marketing data and keep track of customer preferences.

  • Custom Website Design

    In conjunction with our registration service, our creative team can design your cruise event website, and link it to our back end booking site for a complete turn key event.

Services to Support Your Group on a Large Ship

Not ready to charter an entire ship? Landry & Kling’s group cruise specialists are ready to assist you! We’ll help you find the perfect ship for your corporate group cruise event and translate your needs to a seagoing environment. Whether it’s a business meeting, special interest cruise, sales incentive or customer appreciation trip, we can help customize your cruise event to make it a unique and memorable experience. We work with the cruise lines to block appropriate space for your private meetings, receptions, dinners, and group events. You’ll also receive the benefit of our expert contract negotiation services. Optional services, including pre-event planning and on site logistical support, are also available to groups.

Want to learn more about chartering a ship and find out how to save both time and money? Contact us for your complimentary ship charter consultation or request a charter quote today.
Planning a corporate group cruise event but not ready for a ship charter?  The group cruise specialists at Landry & Kling are ready to assist you. Please contact us or fill out this form to request a quote. Remember, the more details you give us, the better prepared we will be to recommend the best ships for your event.
  • Dial +1 (305) 661-1880
  • Email – inquiry@landrykling.com
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