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What Does Landry & Kling Do?
Want to explore all the advantages of cruise events? You can make the whole process quicker, easier and more cost-effective with Landry & Kling, cruise event specialists since 1982.

Rio Olympics Ship Charter #1: Landry & Kling’s Role

Rio 2016 Organizing Committee thought they contracted Landry & Kling simply as a cruise ship broker to provide supplemental housing during the Olympic Games. But that’s not what they got.



Rio Olympics Ship Charter #2: Don’t Go It Alone!

What the Rio 2016 Accommodations Manager discovered when he went to Sochi, Russia during the 2014 Olympic Games, and visited the ship that was being used as dockside accommodations there.



Rio Olympics Ship Charter #3: “A Piece of Cake

Dockside ship operations for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games: Differences between the Organizing Committee’s expectations vs reality.




Rio Olympics Ship Charter #4: Expert Contract Negotiations

Challenges in getting the ship charter contract signed for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games: Issues the Organizing Committee didn’t anticipate.




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